With A Green Scarf

May 10, 2007 at 6:26 pm 2 comments

Marin Sorescu


With a green scarf I blindfolded
the eyes of the trees
and asked them to catch me.

At once the trees caught me,
their leaves shaking with laughter.

I blindfolded the birds
with a scarf of clouds
and asked them to catch me.

The birds caught me
with a song.

Then with a smile I blindfolded
my sorrow
and the day after it caught me
with a love.

I blindfolded the sun
with my nights
and asked the sun to catch me.

I know where you are, the sun said,
just behind that time.
Don’t bother to hide any longer.

Don’t bother to hide any longer,
said all of them,
as well as all the feelings
I tried to blindfold.

Tr. by Michael Hamburger

As I browsed through a tattered copy of ‘The Vintage Book of Contemporary World Poetry’ in the library, I discover many poets. But my favourite so far has been Sorescu. The pure whimsy of this poem among the many pointed and incisive ones caught me completely off-guard.



Entry filed under: Black Mamba, English, Marin Sorescu, Michael Hamburger, Romanian.

They Flee From Me Sleeping with Others

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  • 1. Pearl  |  May 12, 2007 at 6:05 pm

    Agreed there is a surprise and delight in there.

  • 2. Annamari  |  June 25, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    and the Romanian version, though the English translation is very good.

    Am legat copacii la ochi
    Cu o basma verde
    Si le-am spus sa ma gaseasca.

    Si copacii m-au gasit imediat
    Cu un hohot de frunze.

    Am legat pasarile la ochi
    Cu-o basma de nori
    Si le-am spus sa ma gaseasca.

    Si pasarile m-au gasit
    Cu un cantec.

    Am legat tristetea la ochi
    Cu un zambet,
    Si tristetea m-a gasit a doua zi
    Intr-o iubire.

    Am legat soarele la ochi
    Cu noptile mele
    Si i-am spus sa ma gasesca.

    Esti acolo, a zis soarele,
    Dupa timpul acela,
    Nu te mai ascunde.

    Nu te mai ascunde,
    Mi-au zis toate lucrurile
    Si toate sentimentele
    Pe care am incercat sa le leg
    La ochi.


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